Not only are we a provider of semiconductor test hardware to the biggest semiconductor companies in the world, but we are also a full machine shop. We have years of experience machining close tolerance components for the Semiconductor  Test Industry.

Our team of Mechanical Engineers can design and machine your requirements within 3-4 weeks. We use the latest in Solid Modeling software to simulate thermally and structurally up front what sort of problems we might run into before we machine your parts.

Our in house Machine shop is staffed with certified machinists and programmers that utilize 11 Haas 3-axis CNC machines. Our machining process helps maximize productivity and efficiency to where we can manufacture your mechanical and test hardware requirements in a week.

Machining Capabilities

  • 11 Haas 3-axis CNC Machines
  • Positioning .0002″
  • Repeatability .0001″
  • Hole and cavity tolerances of +/-.0003″
  • Ram Optics inspection stations

CMM Inspection

With the addition of a Hexagon Optiv Performance, M Specialties LLC has added automated CMM dimensional inspection services utilizing the latest metrology practices through mutli-sensor inspection. With both touch probe and optical inspection, our CMM measures your product with top precision. From small batch prototyping, or utilizing the automated process for high volume production runs, our inspection services are virtually limitless.

Contact us today to have us inspect your precision parts for the confidence and assurance your product meets the highest demands.