Mechanical Design

Since 1999, we have been designing and manufacturing mechanical test sockets for our customers. We use the latest in contact technologies for engineering and final Test socket solutions. Our team of Engineers is capable of producing a custom test socket in 3-4 weeks standard lead time, with 2-3 week expedites available upon request.


  • Solidworks 3D modeling
    • Structural analysis
    • Thermal analysis
  • Mastercam

Engineering Capabilities

  • Surface mount and compression style sockets.
  • High Mechanical advantage lids
  • LGA, BGA, QFN, TSSOP, QFP & CSP package types.
  • Device pin spacing down to .3mm pitch
  • Utilization of high performance pins with 12 GHz Bandwidth
  • Experience with Tecapeek, Vespel and Torlon based materials.
  • Docking hardware/Seal plates
  • Liquid cooling and thermal solutions