M Specialties LLC prides itself on being one of the only test board and Test Contactors providers who manufacture and assemble their product in-house. We are able to oversee each and every step of the process at close range and resolve any issues that might happen before shipment. We ensure that any product meets the high standards that each of our customers expect.

Our meticulous inspection of materials and details guarantees that an inferior product never leaves the production site. We work continuously to make sure that we produce only the highest grade products for our clients.

Semiconductor Test Boards

Test boards from M Specialties LLC Specialties are made using the latest proven design techniques and materials. They are designed to meet the ever growing demands for higher speeds – reduce signal reflections, cross talk, and noise for applications into the Giga-Hertz range.

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Semiconductor Test Contactors

Using the latest in pogo pin technology, our Sales and Mechanical Engineers will work with you to provide the best solution for your testing needs. We can provide you with high performance test socket solutions for both your engineering/lab applications as well as high volume production requirements.

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Our in house Machine shop is staffed with certified machinists and programmers that utilize 11 Haas 3-axis CNC machines. Our machining process helps maximize productivity and efficiency to where we can manufacture your mechanical and test hardware requirements in a week.

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