QFN Socket and More. Test Contactors Prior to Sale.

QFN Socket and More. Test Contactors Prior to Sale.

Qfn socket and other test contactors

Of course the use of qfn sockets and bga sockets are required for several different applications. From designing a motherboard or frame to developing a magnetic conductor, the reliance on the proper parts is essential in the development phase. This is where the proper testing is required to ensure the parts are functioning together prior to sale or development. Whether you need test contactors to design and test the different qfn socket, the evaluation board, or any other component of a magnetic conductor, we are the team which performs such testing and evaluation, to ensure proper functionality once these pieces are put together.

Why the right parts matter

Qfn socket

Qfn socket

Whether it is purchasing a qfn socket to attach to a motherboard, bga socket to plug into different circuits, or other parts, it is essential that the best quality parts are purchased. At M Specialties LLC we pride ourselves in selling only the best quality parts. What’s better is that our team of dedicated engineers and developers will fully check an evaluation board prior to sale or the sockets you are ordering to replace dated pieces in your motherboard. Regardless of whether ordering one, or several components for electrical and magnetic conductors, we offer a wide range of pieces and parts from which to choose, and guarantee them to be of the highest quality, fully tested for proper functionality prior to sale.

We have the best team in place

Our team of test contactors not only fully test the qfn socket to ensure it fits with and works properly once connected to a conductor, but fully test all parts prior to sale. Not only do we take the time to ensure they are fully operational, but also to ensure they are going to function as they should, and will not cause any malfunctions once placed in the larger scale of things. We know that even the smallest parts and sockets can go a long way in ensuring proper operation of a motherboard, conductor, or other magnetic component. For this reason we do full in house testing, we make sure all parts are operational, and we only sell and ship those items which are guaranteed to work as they should, and will not give our customers any problems once they are installed in the main frame or board they are going to be used in.

We understand you have many options as it pertains to your socket, and magnetic conductor parts needs; we value our customers and work to ensure every item we sell, regardless of how big or small it may be, is going to function as it should. So whether you simply need a qfn socket or bga socket replacement, need us to develop an entire circuit or board, or need us to do any repair or replacement work, you can rely on our team of testers. Not only do we guarantee the quality of the parts, but ensure the whole piece is going to function to the highest capabilities, when you choose us for parts, testing, or other service needs.

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